Massage Therapy

As a healing art, massage therapy combines scientific principles, intuition, self-awareness and creative vision in the pursuit of optimum health and happiness.

Massage therapy is a practical and effective solution to various health problems that arise in the:

• Musculoskeletal system
• Nervous system
• Circulatory system
• Digestive system

Through a comprehensive history and assessment we will determine what your problem areas are and come up with a massage therapy treatment plan to improve your health and wellness.

The first major goal of treatment is the alleviation of your symptoms. Then, through educating you on the relevant anatomy and physiology of your condition, a plan for self-care and long term change will be developed to ensure that the Lift Massage Therapy treatments are effective and efficient.

 “It is my goal to get you feeling better so you can live life better!”


“I’ve had back issues for over 10 years and I have been very impressed with Victor’s ability to figure out the problem areas and get them worked out”