Massage therapy is an affordable, practical and effective way to bring healthy habits into your life. Receiving massage therapy on a regular basis at Lift Massage Therapy clinic provides these benefits:

• Feeling of well-being and being cared for
• Reducing stress, anxiety and general muscle tension
• Reducing or eliminating soreness or pain
• Increasing flexibility of soft tissues and range of motion of joints
• Reducing or eliminating numbness and tingling
• Improving nervous system function
• Stimulating blood circulation and lymph drainage
• Improving immune system function

Acute Condition Treatment

Massage therapy is also very beneficial for the treatment of acute conditions such as:

• Whiplash
• Joint sprains
• Muscles pulls, strains, and tears
• “Charlie horses” and neck “kinks”

The massage therapy techniques used will help reduce unnecessary inflammation, muscle splinting & guarding and the formation of unnecessary scar tissue adhesions.

Along with the clinical benefits, the mental and emotional benefits of massage therapy can be huge. Imagine the relief from constantly thinking about what’s happening in your body and putting all that energy into doing things you love to do.

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“I didn’t think my pain would ever go away, but after just a few sessions I had noticed a huge improvement”