Treatment Types

Lift Massage Therapy clinic offers many different types of massage therapy treatments for common health problems. If you’ve had chronic pain for years, were in a car accident, need relief from pregnancy symptoms, or are simply looking to relax, we can help improve your health.

Chronic Conditions
• Pain/soreness/stiffness due to previous accident/injury
• Headaches
• Neck and shoulder pain
• Low back pain
• Hip pain
• “Sciatica”
• Constipation
• Jaw pain/ TMJ dysfunction

Acute Conditions
• Headaches
• “Neck kinks”
• Whiplash
• Muscle Tears/cramps
• Low back spasms

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
• Lengthens shortened muscles to improve flexibility
• Releases heavy muscle “knots”
• Promotes motion between layers of connective tissue
• Improves deep circulation
• Realigns scar tissue

Sports Massage Therapy
• Performance improvement
• Pre-event shakeout
• Post-event flush
• Injury assessment/treatment

Ligament Sprains
• Ankle
• Shoulder
• Wrist
• Spinal

Postural Correction
• Exaggerated spinal curvatures
• Rounded shoulders
• Scoliosis

Pre-natal/post-natal Massage Therapy
• Low back/mid back pain
• Hip pain
• Feet swelling
• Poor circulation
• Headaches

Infant Massage Therapy
• Teaching loving connection and bonding
• Fussiness
• Gas/bloating/constipation

“My chronic headaches are gone”. Thank you Victor”