How often should I see my massage therapist?
This depends on your current condition as well as our longer term plan. Generally you start with 3 massages within a span of 7-10
days. Then we re-assess the degree of improvement that has taken place and set a new short term plan for the next 2- 4 weeks. For cases of acute and/or more severe injuries (such as a motor vehicle accident or whiplash) the treatment plan can extend over 2-6 months.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to see Victor Pelz, Registered Massage Therapist?
Not necessarily. Some company benefit insurance plans will require a referral before authorizing coverage to see your massage
therapist, so check with your specific plan. If you don’t have coverage through your work or another type of 3rd party payer (ICBC, Worksafe BC, RCMP, DVA) then you can come for massages without a referral.

Does my company benefit insurance plan cover massage therapy treatments?
Most company plans carry some coverage. Check with your plan specifically for the maximum amount of treatments (or dollars) that are covered in your policy.

Do I need to stop going to physio/chiropractic/acupuncture/yoga etc. while I am receiving massages?
We do our very best to complement other forms of health care you are receiving though sometimes it is necessary and important to take a short break from the others to allow us to gauge the effects we are having, allow inflammation to run its course and to get some rest.

Do the massage therapy techniques hurt?
Pain during and after your massages is a very individual experience and we do our best to work within your tolerance. Using a subjective pain scale of 1-10 continuously throughout the session we can minimize your discomfort while at the same time maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of the techniques.

Do I need to do anything, like drink extra water, after my massages?
It is recommended that you do drink a couple of glasses of water during the few hours directly following your massages.

“If you have any other questions, email victor@liftmassagetherapy.tempbuild.net and
I would be happy to provide more information.”


“I was in a car accident, and thanks to Victor, I did not have to miss any work”