The Benefits of Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage therapy are many and encompass many facets of health and life in general. You may have heard or read about some of these elsewhere so over the next few posts I am going to broaden their scope and give you a glimpse of others you may not have yet considered.

The first area we will look at, in what has been called the ability paradigm, is You and your personal presence. If you go to and look up presence, you will find the first definition to be “the state or fact of being present. Then looking up the definition of present we find the definition as “being, existing or occurring at this time or now; current”.

We can apply this concept to You, be it your spirit, your energy, your chi, your chutzpah, etc. and see how present you are in your day to day life. High levels of presence show up as high mood levels such as excitement, passion, drive etc. Low levels of presence, or high levels of its opposite “absence”, show up as boredom, blankness, irritability etc.

Pain, fatigue, poor posture and/or chronic tensions can really reduce your ability to be present (“in the here and now”) and focused on your goals, your family, your sport and your job. As the pain and tension is released through massage therapy, your energy begins to turn from negative to positive and You will feel brighter, sharper, responsive and engaged in living life to its fullest, more PRESENT.

Take note a few different times a day and notice how your body looks and feels. Then take note on how present you feel. What is your mood level? Is it high spirited, middle of the road or down in the dumps? Where is your attention? Is it in the here and now or are you thinking about something from the past, or about something in the future?

Do you need a massage??