Lift Massage Therapy supporting our nurses

Recently VIHA rolled out its new patient care model CDMR which implements some significant changes to how patients are cared for in hospitals.

I see quite a few nurses in my massage therapy practice and have talked at length with them about what is happening in their profession. Registered massage therapy is an allied health care profession in the continuum of care in BC and I think it is very important to be aware of what is happening in our health care system

If you are  not aware of this you may want to read a bit further into it and form your opinion as to how the CDMR may affect you or your family and friends now and in the future.

This is a letter written by MLA Andrew Weaver outlining what the CDMR is and why VIHA should delay implementation of their plan.

Here is a Times Colonist opinion letter that shares one person’s opinion on the issue.

After reviewing some other information and talking to others about it, I am in full support of the nurse’s position to have RNs continue to be the main care givers in critical care situations where their knowledge and training is necessary for the best patient outcomes possible and to prevent needless suffering and/or loss of life.

I encourage everyone to educate themselves on this issue and sign the petition below to move VIHA to reconsider its position and consider other alternatives that will maintain a much higher standard in hospital care.

In understanding that while change is sometimes uncomfortable, uneasy and comes with risks and unintended consequences, I think that there are some critical facets of nursing and patient care that are not being taken in to account and need to be addressed in order for the whole system to take care of the people it is built to support.